DSCF3249_MG_4888feb 7 2013Programs for school groups, scouts, birthday parties, and camps:

1.Wiggly Worms and Other Cool Decomposers
Learn about the importance of earthworms and other decomposers through a presentation and experiments. Learn how to raise your own worms and create compost!

2.Reptiles Rock!
Handle reptile artifacts, such as shells, bones, skins, and skulls, then meet some live reptiles face to face! Afterwards, enjoy creating a giant snake as a team to decorate your classroom.

3.Dig In: A South Florida History Program
Enjoy a presentation about Florida’s ancient and more recent past, from the time of the Sabertooth tigers, to Tekesta Indians and pioneers. Become an archaeologists and dig for artifacts using the tools of the trade. Go on a nature hike and then create your own Native American craft to take home.

4.Bugs and Butterflies
Learn all about insects with a focus on butterflies, their life-cycle, how to identify our common natives, and how to create your own butterfly garden! Do a butterfly hike to look for these winged beauties and to observe some of the plants they need for survival. Play the Camouflage Critter game or create your own butterfly to take home.

5.Why Birds Can fly: Amazing Bird Adaptations
Enjoy an informative presentation about birds with bird artifacts you can touch and feel! Learn how to identify some of our common native birds, and learn how to use a bird guide and binoculars on the nature hike. Play Fill the Bill or create your very own bird puppet!

6. Owls: Silent Predators of the Night
Explore the world of owls. Learn about their special adaptations, how to identify the owls of South Florida, what they like to eat, and the special sounds that they make. Create a special owl puppet to take home.
7. The Amazing Arachnids: Spiders and Scorpions
Diminish your fear of these amazing creatures with knowledge! Learn the facts about spiders and scorpions, how to identify the common and dangerous varieties of South Florida, and meet a few of them first hand. Then create a cool spider craft to take home!

8. Hummingbird program (seasonal onsite-October-April only)
Learn all about these amazing birds through a hands-on presentation, then take a hike and learn what flowers they enjoy and watch them feeding in our hummingbird garden! Create your own hummingbird craft to take home. Binoculars highly recommended.

9. Windowsill Vegies NEW
An introduction to growing some tasty and healthy vegies in a small space. Save on your groceries and avoid consuming pesticides. Learn how to grow sprouts and microgreens, and vegetables from groceries. Discover hydroponics and vertical gardening systems. Make a simple self-watering planter with a 2 liter soda bottle and how to build your own vermicomposting system to make free fertilizer from your kitchen scraps! Please provide a 2 liter bottle for each child.

Program length: 1 -3 hours (onsite program includes a nature hike, resulting in a longer program.)
Program cost: $7.00 per child
All programs can be adapted to be implemented onsite or as outreach
Maximum group size: 60-70 children
Pre registration is required! Please call 305-242-7688.

Additional Programs:

– Nature photography for adults

– Art classes for children

– Butterfly walks, ethnobotany hikes, birding hikes

– Reptile Show with native and exotics reptiles

– Hummingbird and butterfly gardening workshops

– Van trips to Everglades National Park for hiking, photography and nature study

– Pinelands Tour

– Owl program and campfire

– Birthday party packages

– Camping for scouts and other organized groups

We can also create customized programs tailored to your group, so please give us a call if you do not see the program you would like!
Please contact Linda DiGennaro at 305-242-7688 to discuss your options.

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