Night walk and campfires, 2014

valentines Day Love is for the birds nightwalk, feb. 14, 2014

a male Painted Bunting, photo by Linda DiGennaro

a male Painted Bunting, photo by Linda DiGennaro

We are finally seeing the male painted bunting, a spectacular migrant bird. I have been able to put out seed since it has finally stopped raining! Come visit and check out the butterfly garden feeders. There are still plenty of hummingbirds too!

Night walk and campfires, 2014

Holiday Campfires at Castellow Hammock!

holiday Night walk and campfires, December 6,14,28 , 2013

snoopy roasting marrshmallows

Come join us for a fun and educational event, perfect for all ages! Enjoy learning about owls, do an owl walk and see the Eastern Screech Owl first hand. Enjoy a Thanksgiving story, then roast marshmallows and any other goodies you bring. With the time change, the event will be from
6-830 pm. Please register online if possible, but if you have trouble, I will have some spots open for you! Please go to our website at to find out how to do online registration. Hope to see you soon!

A male Indigo Bunting was seen in the Bird and Butterfly Garden in front of the nature center.  Two male Painted Buntings also frequent the feeder on the south side of the walkway. If you plan to bird watch after the gate closes at 4:30, park on the south side in the grass and walk in. The park is open from sunsrise to sunset. Also, you may want to bring your own seed when the nature center is not open. (Nature Center Hours 9-4:30)

We would like everyone to be aware of illegal bird trapping. It is becoming a big problem in South Florida, especially for colorful migratory birds like buntings. There has been a noticeable decrease in bunting sightings this year, which might be attributed to illegal trapping. This link has some helpful information regarding what to look for and whom to contact if you happen to see suspicious activity.

We have at least 6 Ruby-Throats buzzing the towers here at Castellow. Look for them around the front island planted with firebush and all along the Butterfly Garden in front of the Nature Center.

We have also had a Rufous Hummingbird staying around the south side of the front island.

One male and several greenies (juveniles or females) have been seen at the park.  Look for them at the feeders in the butterfly garden. They can also be seen eating the seeds of the Celosia along the entrance path.