November 2013

Holiday Campfires at Castellow Hammock!

holiday Night walk and campfires, December 6,14,28 , 2013

thanksgiving Night walk and campfires,November 15 and 30th , 2013

snoopy roasting marrshmallows

Come join us for a fun and educational event, perfect for all ages! Enjoy learning about owls, do an owl walk and see the Eastern Screech Owl first hand. Enjoy a Thanksgiving story, then roast marshmallows and any other goodies you bring. With the time change, the event will be from
6-830 pm. Please register online if possible, but if you have trouble, I will have some spots open for you! Please go to our website at to find out how to do online registration. Hope to see you soon!

ruby-throated hummingbird by Steve Powell

ruby-throated hummingbird by Steve Powell

knaus berry farms

  Knaus Berry Farms, one of our nearby attractions, is now open for the season! Knaus Berry Farms is famous for its freshly baked cinnamon rolls, but also has fresh bread, pies, cakes, shakes and produce! You can buy some goodies there and stop by Castellow to enjoy them, walk the trail, and enjoy the numerous butterflies and hummingbirds.