September 2013

Here is the link to register and prepay for the owl walk or art class. We will add more programs later.

Here is how to find our programs:

Under category of Activity, choose Specialty.

Under Place, choose Castellow Hammock. (you can also look up other parks)

Under month, choose the date or month.

You will see the programs listed, choose sign up, and the system should guide you through the rest.

Let us know of any problems. This system should save us time since we will not have to do as many deposits. We will still be confirming with you by phone a day or two before the program to see if you have questions or concerns.

Posted by John Boyd   on 14:04:37 09/14/13

I ended up as the 2nd substitute leader for today’s S. Dade birdwalk (Toe substituted early, but could not stay).  After gathering at the Coe Visitor’s center, we headed to Lucky Hammock.  Highlights there include 2 Orchard Orioles, Alder Flycatcher, a silent Empid (probably Alder), a Cliff Swallow, a couple of White-crowned Pigeons, and flyovers by Eastern Kingbirds and hordes of Bobolinks.
The flyovers continued at the Annex.  The gate was closed.  We ran into several other birders there, including Larry Manfredi (see separate report) and Rangel Diaz.  Both Alder and the single Willow Flycatcher were present.  Many of us got a look at the Willow.  We also found a Prothonotary Warbler, Summer Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, and 4 Northern Harriers (FOS for me).
From there we headed to the Homestead Airport, for the traditional Burrowing Owl, followed by Castellow Hammock, where we had lunch.  Both Ruby-throated and Rufous Hummingbirds were seen by most.  Other birds of note included another Summer Tanager and Yellow-throated Vireo.

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Here is a link to a group that came out for our cleanup yesterday. Thank you for your hard work! The facebook link has some more pictures and other activities the club is involved in.



We had our first volunteer workday today and it was very productive! It was hot, but the group trimmed the butterfly garden trails, and removed about 8 large bags of vines that were threatening to cover some of the trees behind the picnic shelter. I am always inspired and amazed at how much work can be done in a short time with a small group of hard working people! Our next workday will be on October 5 from 9:30-12:30pm. Please call 305-242-7688 to register if you are interested! You can bring gloves, clippers, hat, water, long pants, sun protection. I have plenty of garbage bags. Children under 18 must have an adult present.

ruby-throated hummingbird by Steve Powell

ruby-throated hummingbird by Steve Powell

Hi everyone!I was able to finally post onto this wonderful blog, so hopefully I will be able to update it so that everyone can easily find out the information they need here! I have spent the summer doing outreach and onsite programs for summer camp, and now am preparing to start our Fall season of art classes and owl walk/campfire programs. We are starting to see hummingbirds and warblers, and the trail is beautiful and shady, with very few mosquitos this year. We should get some interesting fungi soon with all of the rain. Come visit!

More big news: By October 1, we should have online registration for the night walks and art classes. So you will be paying in advance by credit card. Check out our fall events on the tab for “park calendar”. Hope to see you soon for a visit or campfire! Linda DiGennaro, Park Naturalist