December 2008

We would like everyone to be aware of illegal bird trapping. It is becoming a big problem in South Florida, especially for colorful migratory birds like buntings. There has been a noticeable decrease in bunting sightings this year, which might be attributed to illegal trapping. This link has some helpful information regarding what to look for and whom to contact if you happen to see suspicious activity.

Roger was asked to share his expertise with the staff at Big Cypress National Preserve, so we all went along. We took the Florida Trail south from the Oasis Visitor Center and stopped at a gator hole. A gator hole is an area where the cypress grow larger due to deeper water, usually dug by a gator at some point. The cypress were covered in Tillandsia and several orchid species.


Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog


The water was a bit chilly but we had a great time out in the field.